123Reg: When it comes to building a blog site 123Reg is one of the best web hosting service. 123Reg UK own and operated web hosting service provider. That can and will help to create your dream site. When it comes to creating a blog they use Word Press. Now Word Press is a great place to create a blog because they have very easy to use plugins. Word Press powers 28% of the internet. That may not sound like a lot. But think about how many web hosting service providers that is on the internet. They power almost a 3rd of the internet.

123Reg was founded back in 2000. Now has grown into one of UK’s largest domain registrar, having registered over 3 million domain names. Their service is very simple to use: They believe that the internet is for the many, not the few,. Which is why every single product is designed for the small business owner. looking for an easy, hassle-free way of getting their business online. They have drawn together a range of easy to use tools and services to help their customers to get online, create their first website or blog, and to make their business very successful online. Whether you’re tech savvy or a complete new to building a website or blog. They have the tools and platforms to help you build your dream site.

123Reg has very easy to use service for your blog site. They have fantastic customer support and have great prices. 123Reg have registered over 3.5 million domain names.123Reg offer telephone and ticket customer support around the clock, as well as a range of step-by-step guides. Whenever you need then they are here for you. Give them a try and you will be glad that you did.


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123-reg.co.uk is one of UK’s oldest service provider. They have everything your business will ever need to build a professional brand online. 123-reg.co.uk will help you to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more. Blog hosting, domains, email, web hosting, email marketing, SEO, PPC management and so much more! All sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Don’t take our word for it. Sign up and find out for yourself how 123-reg.co.uk can help your small business. Not just get online but to become very successful online.

They have over 800,000 customers and they have nearly 800,000 active websites. 123-reg.co.uk are apart of the largest, privately owned hosting company in Europe. They are proud of all that they have achieved over the years. Having won awards such as the ‘Best Domain Registration’​ award from Start Your Business magazine in 2014 and 2015. 123-reg.co.uk have also won awards for being the best web hosting service for bloggers.

We had found that they are one of the best web hosting services that you will find online today. They have everything that you will ever need to get your website or blog online. Their custom service is like no other they will help answer any questions that you may have. We had tried a few of their web hosting service. What we had found was that they are the best web hosting service for bloggers. 123-reg.co.uk are also a good site for small business. But if you are wanting to build a larger size company best to go elsewhere for your web hosting needs. The reason for that is it cost a bit more for their VPS service. We also would like to add that we love their blogging service using Word Press. What else makes them a great site is that their domain names are at a very reasonable price.

123-reg UK’s leading domain registrar

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