October 2017 - Online Website Reviews


3dcart3dcart Reviews: The website 3dcart was founded by Gonzalo Gil back in 2001. Now their website is run by Hernando Sabrio. 3dcart currently hosts over 17,000 customers. With an ever-expanding pool of themes and partners, it doesn’t seem like they will be slowing down anytime soon. Keep reading for a full, unbiased analysis of 3dcart. We will be discussing their features as well as their... Read More »

1928 Jewelry

1928 Jewelry1928Jewelry Reviews: The website 1928Jewelry was created back in 1996. Their main headquarters is in Burbank California. They sell products online as well as you can find their line of Jewelry items at local stores. But we would recommend you buy from 1928Jewelry website so you can get their products at wholesale price. Mel Bernie in Burbank California created 1928 Jewelry... Read More »


KeenKeen Reviews: The website Keen is apart of Ingenio LLC. Their website has been in business since 1999. Keen main headquarters is in California. We had found that their website to be very easy to use. Once you register on their site you will have no problem finding your way around. They got a lot of categories to choose from. Like for example love and relationships, career forecast, tarot card readings life questions, spiritual... Read More »

Presto Experts

Presto ExpertsPresto Experts Reviews: The website Presto Experts was founded back in 2013. Their website was formally Known as Live Person. Presto Experts is a website where you can register to give or receive advice on many different areas. In some areas before you can create a listing you will have to show proof that you have license. Most of their experts will give advice by phone, email, and instant... Read More »


123Reg123Reg Reviews: When it comes to building a blog site 123Reg is one of the best web hosting service. 123Reg UK own and operated web hosting service provider. That can and will help to create your dream site. When it comes to creating a blog they use Word Press. Now Word Press is a great place to create a blog because they have very easy to use plugins. Word Press powers 28% of the... Read More »


123Stores123Stores Reviews: We love how 123Stores helps consumers get products at unbelievable low prices. Their website was created back in 2003 by Sharad Kajaria. They are located in New York City. They also had changed their hosting services over 9 times and have 3 email... Read More »

Witches Coven

Witches CovenWitches Coven Reviews: The Witches Coven website is a site that offers information about witchcraft and magic spells. They can also cast spells for you. They can cast many different types of spells. Like for example love spells, money spells, health spells, curse removal spells, and even custom... Read More »

Zip Recruiter

Zip RecruiterZip Recruiter Reviews: If you are looking for a job then Zip Recruiter is the place to be. When we had done some research about their website and we had found that they had helped many people to find a jobs. In our Zip Recruiter review you will be getting some information about their job search... Read More »

Web Hosting

Web HostingWeb Hosting Reviews: 1&1 is one of the best web hosting site where you can buy their web hosting service and/or a domain name. They make it very easy for people to create a website online at a very fair price. If you are just starting out and don't want to spend that much money for web hosting service. Then the 1&1 is right for you. We had reviewed 1&1... Read More »

Ink Farm

Ink FarmInk Farm Reviews: When it comes to buying inks you should buy from Ink Farm because they offer the best deals. Another reason why you should buy from them is because they have outstanding customer service like no... Read More »