99Designs: The website 99Designs helps people to find amazing designs and their designers don’t change that much. If you are wanting to create a great looking website then you should give their site a try. Their journey began with a group of designers that were competing together on the site point forum. To create the best designs. In 2005, that friendly competition grew into a unique design marketplace and 99Designs was born. Earning their global community of artists more than $200M to date. We think by them having offices located around the world is a pretty sweet deal. However we also think it is even more amazing that any designer—from Sydney to Serbia—can succeed on their platform. Small budgets should never stand in the way of big ideas. That is why, every month, 99Designs selects a group of non profit designers to get free ideals from.

There are tons of free options for graphic design on the web. We love using everything from hipster logo generator. But when it comes to website or blog logo design – or really anything related to graphic design that makes your blog stand out – you will need expertise. How 99Designs works? Design contests are where you can submit an request for a design, and dozens to thousands of designers submit ideas for your request, and you get to choose. They can help you in a wide range of areas like for example business websites, personal blogs, and even website forums. No mater what your online design needs are they can help you. Also many of their designers can make you custom designs so you can have your site look just the way you want it too.


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We have tried many of 99designs.com designs. We think that they are one of the best places that you will find on the web. That is of course when it comes to creating outstanding designs that will knock your socks off. They can help you in many areas like for example websites, blogs, and even website forums.

99designs.com is one of the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. They connect more than one million talented freelance designers with creative people, genius entrepreneurs, savvy businesses… anyone that needs great work. Their customers are smart, passionate and full of great ideas. From hand-knitted wears to small-batch brewers to sports, there is nothing that they love more than watching great design help over 539,420 businesses to grow.

Professional graphic design expertise isn’t cheap. So how can you make your website or blog really stand out – give it that extra ‘pop’ that it needs without turning hiring a professional graphic designer directly? One option is crowd-sourced design. It is a way to help make good graphic design accessible to all budgets, while giving freelance graphic designers a vibrant marketplace. We personally have used 99designs.com for a couple of our websites. We had clients use their design contests feature as well. 99designs.com is all design contests. You choose a category, a budget and a design brief. You wait for designs to come in. When they come in, you get a special link to view them. If you like one, you choose it and the designer gets paid.

If you are looking for place that will help you to create the website of your dream then you should give their site a try. You can do so by clicking on the website link listed down below. Now if you had tried their service out before then please feel free to leave your review about their site down below.

99Designs: Logos from just $299!

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