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Search Engines: Are you wanting information on different types of search engines that is out there? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right place. Down below we have the answers that you seek.

Today there are more search engine sites that many people don’t even know about and we are here to give you the information that you seek. It may be a shocking surprise for many people but Google Yahoo, and Bing are not the only search engines available on the Internet today! In fact, there are a number of search engines that want to take their place. However none of them are ready (yet) to even pose a threat. There was a point not that long ago when you could easily divide people between those that used Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask Jeeves and Alta Vista. Now it’s got to the point where if you’re not using Google, Yahoo, or Bing you are not really using the internet properly. Right now though maybe we should be paying more attention to the alternatives.

Maybe our daily lives. For some of us, careers shouldn’t need to balance on the fickle algorithm changes of the world’s most valuable company. Most people don’t want three dozen search engines, especially people who are not trained internet users. Most people want a single search engine that delivers three key features: 1. Relevant results (results you are actually interested in. 2. Uncluttered and easy to read interface. 3. Helpful options to broaden or tighten a search. Down below you will find information on many different types of search engines. If you had tried any of these search engine sites listed down below then please leave your own review. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. So we can let our readers know witch search engine site is right for them.


DogpileDogpile Reviews: Most of us have heard about Bing, Yahoo and even Google search engine however how many of you have heard about Dogpile. Back in the day Dogpile was one of the best search engine site for people to use. Their site makes finding information online very easy. Dogpile began operation back in December... Read More »


BingBing Reviews: One of the most used search engine other then Google is Bing and their site also helps powers Yahoo Search. Their search engine was founded back in 2009 and they are the 2nd most used search engine in the world. They work very hard to try and beat the search engine giant Google.... Read More »

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck GoDuck Duck Go Reviews: If you are looking for a search engine that doesn't track you then you should try Duck Duck Go. Many people didn't no that Google, Yahoo, and Bing track you and they do this by using cookies.... Read More »