eBid: The website eBid is an online auction site, which launched in 1999. Today they operate in 23 countries allowing people to buy and sell for free. However if you want to upgrade your eBid account they will change you a one time fee. Not to high only $49.99 by doing so you will never be changed any fees for life. We have found their website a pretty good alternative to eBay. They are not known to suspended your account like eBay has been known to do. However the only real problem with their site is that they don’t get that much traffic like eBay does. The reason for that is because they don’t spend any money on advertisements.

They are probably the oldest and most established alternative to eBay. In many ways it is what eBay was 11 years ago. If you like how eBay worked and looked like back in the day then you might like this site. It also has several similar sites in other countries making it appealing to international sellers. The online auction website eBid is smaller but yet similar marketplace to eBay and Amazon.

In that it is a platform for selling almost anything. Still, it isn’t as well known as eBay and Amazon, so you would be selling to a smaller pool of buyers. The online auction website eBid is a promising alternative to eBay. They boast over 9 million item listings in nearly 15,000 categories. There are no listing fees and the final fees are much lower than the fees over at eBay. Payment methods include PayPal, Google Checkout, and Skrill. eBid combines the best of both worlds, offering retail and commercial products, as well as vintage and handcrafted products. However, there is definitely a focus on high-end clothing and fashion, making it easy to buy and sell those products.


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We had found that ebid.net is a great place to sell items on as well as buy products from. They have been in business for many years so they now what they are doing. However as a seller where they don’t spend any money on advertisements. It can take a little while before you sell your items. The website ebid.net brands itself as an eBay.com alternative that helps buyers make serendipitous discoveries of products. The company boasts over 9 million listings. truly making it a discovery process for buyers. Which can result in the perfect item that might not be listed on other e-commerce websites.

This site ebid.net will appeal to eBay.com sellers who want a site that functions like eBay.com. But with out the high fees and constant changes. However, the online auction website ebid.net has one issue that strikes us as extremely odd. After more than 18 years in business they don’t own ebid.com but instead operates from ebid.net. You would think by now that an e-commerce site would own it’s own .com name. The absence of listing fees and low 3 percent commission charged per sale.

Does make their site a low-risk market to test out. So if you are looking for a change, you’ve got little to nothing to lose on their online auction website. However will take you some time before your item will sell. The reason for that is because their site don’t get a lot of traffic. Now ebid.net selling features provides a number of merchant programs. (Auctions, fixed-price transactions, and storefronts). As well as the ability to “ninja list” items, where you can bulk upload for very low fees. They offer some of the best deals for sellers. The online auction website ebid.net operates a reward system. That of course means members can earn Buddy Points every time they buy, sell or enlist new members. The points can be used in special Buddy Auctions run by ebid.net. Their buddy system will help you to safe even more money.

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