Keen: The website Keen is apart of Ingenio LLC. Their website has been in business since 1999. Keen main headquarters is in California. We had found that their website to be very easy to use. Once you register on their site you will have no problem finding your way around. They got a lot of categories to choose from. Like for example love and relationships, career forecast, tarot card readings life questions, spiritual readings. They also offer psychic mediums, fortune tellers, astrology, numerology, clairvoyant psychics, and so much more!  We had found that with their website you can get peace of mind every single day as certainly face decisions in your life. You can go forth with confidence that comes from speaking with one of their advisors. They have a a lot of advisors to choose from, we would say more then most websites.

On their website conversations are always safe, private and anonymous, As Keen makes the connection for both parties safe. They will never reveal your name, phone number, account details or payment information. When it comes to personal advice, convenience and discretion are their top priority. Keen offers 3 free minutes for all new customers. You have to sign up, provide a credit card and you don’t have to purchase additional minutes in order to get your 3 free minutes.

We had found that the 3 free minutes went by pretty fast and we spent them all just trying find a psychic that is accurate at giving readings. However Keen has one of the best deals for all new customers. Witch of course is the 3 free minutes. They also have a great refund policy. If you are not satisfied with your psychic they will give you a full refund up to $25.00. We are fairly certain that Keen has one of the best customer service department. At least from our experience. We first got a auto-response by email telling us that their support team will be in touch soon. After that few days latter one of their customer service representative contacted us by email. But the only problem that we had found is Keen doesn’t provide phone support only email support.

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We had reviewed in every eagle. Like for example If their website screen psychics before they can join, how much does it cost per a reading. As well as do they have a lot of psychics to choose from. We had found that most of their psychics don’t change that much per a reading. They also do have a lot of psychics to choose from. We also like to look at what ways can you get a reading. By phone, email, and by instant message all from their site. But the only problem we had found on their website is that they have no screening process. Anyone can join and start selling psychic readings on their site.

The best way to make sure that you get a truly gifted psychic is to read their customer reviews first before you spend any money. That is a plus about using their site is that they don’t remove negative reviews like some of the other sites do.

Like we said before has virtually no screening process for psychics at all. They have some requirements when psychics sign up but nothing that verifies a psychic authenticity. The reason has more psychics online than any other service is because they will let pretty much anyone give readings. has recently updated their website to make it more user friendly. We like the new design and we found it very easy to get around and very quick to respond. Finding a psychic and scheduling a reading with them was simple. It’s unfortunate their gifted psychic advisors are a hit or miss. understands that lives do not adhere to a 9-5 schedule, so is always open, every day, regardless of time or where ever you might be. You can always connect with an advisor 24/7/365, over the phone, through online chat or by email.

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