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Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot: In this review page we are going to be giving you some information about Trust Pilot website. You will lean about the pros and cons of using Trust Pilot services. Trust Pilot founded back in 2007. The site lists and promotes registered businesses for free but charges fees for additional promotions. Trust Pilot employs about 500 people and roughly 500,000 new reviews are posted each month. The firm relies on it’s users, reviewed business, and software to report questionable reviews, which it can delete at it’s own discretion. By their site removing reviews when they see fit makes us wonder how real in their reviews.

We believe that they remove reviews for a couple of reasons. First off so they don’t have to pay for more spaces so they remove old reviews. Another reason is because companies that had payed for their services don’t want bad reviews about their business so they remove a few of their bad reviews. Trust Pilot had said on their site that they have zero tolerance for fraud and investigate any reported misuse. They had also said that their reviews is none bias and they don’t remove good or bad reviews. Together they constantly brainstorming as a team, building and executing ideas together and then celebrating big. They have travelers and adventure seekers, foodies and coffee snobs, movie critics and musicologists. They are very passionate about their success and strive to be better every day. Be agile and open-minded. Be flexible. Adapt. Accelerate growth and embrace challenges.

If you would like to take a look at their site then just click on this website link listed down below. Now if you had tried their site out you can also leave your own review at the bottom of this page. No matter if it is a good or bad review we love to hear  from Trust Pilot users!

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Trust Plot

Trust Plot

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2.0 /10


  • They have a wide range of reviews on their site.
  • Their website is very easy to find in the search engine.
  • They seem to love helping companies build trust online.
  • Good sales training. If you're serious about sales you can build your skill set significantly.
  • Company is fast growing with opportunities for growth.
  • Good business plan if you want to pay for their premium service.
  • If you are willing to put in the work their Management skills will help you to become very successful online.
  • Several top business is promoted those who pay for their premium service.
  • Good culture, most startups have snacks and beers so nothing new there however they help payed business to remove bad reviews.
  • It is exciting to grow in a market that has so much green-space and opportunity.


  • They are known to remove a review without a very good reason too.
  • Companies that pay can get bad reviews removed from their system.
  • Their website don't motor IP address that well witch of course that means competitors can leave a bad review trying to take down their competitions.
  • They don't remove a review even if you ask for the so called customer to show proof of payment.
  • You must be adaptable and flexible to work at a start up.
  • Sales can be grind with ups and downs.
  • People that had worked for their company had said when promoted, they pay based upon knowing what you had made in previous role opposed to standard salary for next position.
  • They don't review any sites themselves.
  • You have to pay to get top positions on their site.
  • They don't reply to all emails.


We had found a few problems with review service. First of they are known to remove reviews without having a very good reason too, 2nd problem that we had found about their site is that they charge business money to be able to use some of their features, the last but not least reason is that companies that pay we believe that they remove some of their bad reviews. We believe the best review sites is the ones that don’t change business any money. The reason for that is because the review site have nothing to do with the business at all. So that way they can’t work together and they are not partner with each other.

The website claims that they give everyone a voice. They also had said that their reviews are none bias coming from real customers. The website has many different features that helps them to keep down spammers on their site and make sure that only real customers leave reviews. They give everyone free access to their review community’s basic functions. Strong guidelines coupled with manual and automated processes help them to ensure trust is in online website reviews. They have zero tolerance for fraud and investigate any reported misuse. If you would like to take a look at their site then just click on this website link listed down below. Now if you had tried their service then please leave a review about their site. No matter if it is good or bad we love to hear from you!

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